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Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Motivation !

Do you ever have this feeling where you are just so negative about everything ? Some days I feel kind of sad. Or, maybe not sad - rather just totally unmotivated. I don't want to make sport or do my homework or think that my life really sucks right now.
When I want to feel better, I often like to look at some motivation pictures or quotes on the internet.
I decided to make some on my own with a few of my favourite quotes. If you want, to, you can save them to your computer or use them as a phone wallpaper.
Enjoy them and feel the good spirit

Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Which type of student are you ?

During my years in school, I noticed that there are basically four main groups of pupils. Which one are you?

The A-er

This students have good grades literally everywhere. They write perfect tests and are totally active during the lesson. Either are they super smart ,learn really much, are super ambitious or just everything of the above. Some people call them nerds but let me tell you that 80 percent of them are just jealous. If you belong to this group, you can be proud of yourself- but dont start to think that you are better than others or your friends just because of your grades !

The Unfortunately-too -shy-ones

Students who belong to this group are at least average smart – but they are often too shy to say a lot in school. They also have pretty good grades because they may not talk very often ( or some even at all …), but they write great tests so they can balance the not so good grades with their good grades.
With a little more self-confidence, they could be even better !

The Talkers

These guys are basically the opposite of the Unfortunately-too-shy people. They are not soo good at writing ( anything) but boy, they can talk! They are really active during they lessen and sometimes just don't stop talking! They seem to be able to talk for hours wihtout catching a breath – and often their things are just repeated or don't make any sense. No problem for the talker- they just talk so much that and after some time, it starts to sound right

The How-do-they-do-it?

The peolpe who seem do be bad at anything, get poor grades, just talk sh*t and are just really annoying. Have you ever thought : How the frick can they pass every class although they have such bad grades and a horrible attitude ? Then you are definitely not alone! I had a lot of this guys in my classes in the last years and sorry to say that, but they were just nerve-racking

Sometimes they just dont deserve to pass classes!

Hugs, Anne